How to Add Personalization to your Shopify Store

Franco Varriano
January 4, 2021
 min read

Every business wants to make more sales. There's usually no shortage of ideas, strategies, and advice out there about how to achieve this goal.

The hard part really comes down to:

  • i) Filtering through all the possible tools to find what is most relevant and applicable to you and your business.
  • ii) Knowing how to create a personalization strategy for your brand using those tools.

Creative Layer wants to help. There are so many personalization tools on the market, and we want to share the many ways in which you can use them in your business. Not convinced about the importance of personalization? We’ve written about why this market shift is happening and what it means for your brand—check it out!

Product personalization: A marketing blind spot

Personalization is traditionally applied to two phases of the customer experience: pre-purchase and post-purchase.

Both are pretty wide-ranging. Pre-purchase could include all awareness activities to get someone to your site, and post-purchase could include customer support, loyalty, and more.

But these two phases effectively ignore the key action that separates them: the purchase itself. That is a major blind spot.

There’s a reason why brands focus on the pre- and post-purchase phases. Personalization is challenging, and there are currently very limited ways in which the majority of brands can offer a personalized product experience.

It’s for this reason that Creative Layer is launching a Shopify app. Sign up for early access to Creative Layer to get updates on this exciting release.

Top personalization apps for Shopify

In the meantime, we've assembled a list of the top Shopify apps that will help you quickly stand out and increase sales through better personalization of your e-commerce store—though many of these aren't limited to online stores.

Product personalization

Email capture tools (banners/pop-ups/email capture)

Email marketing




Creating a personalization strategy for your Shopify store

A personalization strategy outlines how you'll use and coordinate the tools from each layer of this personalization stack in order to really 'wow' your customers.

Strategies are about continuous evolution, but the best ones are always created in service of your customers and goals (such as making more sales or delivering the best customer experience).

Adopting a customer-focused lens when creating your personalization strategy will enable you to offer an experience that will result in those extra sales. It's important to explore each of the apps mentioned above in order to understand and maximize how each tool can fit into your own personalization strategy.

If this seems a little overwhelming, try starting with a single channel like email marketing. This is one of the most effective mediums a business can use and is a great place to kick-off your efforts.


What's next?

As mentioned, most personalization efforts tend to happen either before or after a purchase is made, which neglects the entire product experience!

That's where Creative Layer comes in.

We are currently working with select partners to deliver superior, personalized customer experiences from end-to-end, especially when it comes to creating one-of-a-kind, personalized products.

If you're interested in delivering a better customer experience, making more sales with unique, premium products, and creating a one-of-a-kind personalization strategy that will help your business stand out, be sure to sign up for early access to Creative Layer and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn!