The Influencers of the Creator Economy (pt.3)

Franco Varriano
June 8, 2021
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In the first part of this series, we introduced you to the founders and operators who are building the new tools of the Creator Economy.

Next, we met the the thought leaders and investors who are helping to nurture and develop this same industry.

In this latest instalment of The Influencers of the Creator Economy, let's take a look at some of the key individuals and brands from the established, corporate world.

As always, we plan to update this list on an ongoing basis, so let us know on social media of you've got any folks or brands to add!

Industry leaders

Scott Belsky, CPO, Adobe

We ended our last list with Scott (because he's an active angel investor), and are starting off with him again since he's the Chief Product Officer at Adobe). Adobe is a massive name in creative software. Under Scott's leadership, the company builds innovative tools that empower creative professionals.

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram

We've previously covered the importance of Instagram for creators and entrepreneurs. Adam has been at the helm of many of those important evolutions and is continually pushing to better serve the unique creative community that exists on the platform.

Stacy Minero, Global Head of Twitter ArtHouse

Twitter ArtHouse launched in mid-2019 as a way to connect brands with creator to develop unique creative assets and campaigns (for Twitter first of course!). While more of a traditional corporate program, ArtHouse is Twitter's first foray into the Creator Economy. The company has since begun to move fast on individual creator tools.

Vanessa Poppas, Global Interim Head of TikTok

Vanessa has been a part of the Creator Economy since Day 1. She was on the team at Next New Networks, a startup that was acquired by YouTube in 2011. While at YouTube, she continued to build creator-focused programs before joining TikTok in 2018.

Jon Wexler, VP Creators & Influencers, Shopify

Jon was previously the General Manager of adidas YEEZY and has now joining the ecommerce giant to develop and lead its creator and influencer program. His involvement is recognition of the important ways in which the Creator Economy will continue to shape the future of entrepreneurship and commerce.

Jeremy Forrester, Head of Creator Products, Twitch

Twitch is not only a leader in the streaming industry, but it has also released a handful of creator tools and monetization features which they basically invented for their creators. Jeremy is a great person to follow for his perspective on the tools and features that will come next within the context of Twitch and the streaming space at-large.

Jack Appleby, Creative Strategy, Twitch

Jack routinely shares really smart and insightful breakdowns of social media and culture -- especially as it related to corporate brands and creators.

Ben Schwerin, Senior Vice President, Content & Partnerships, Snap

Ben is part of the senior management team at Snap that oversees many of the creator tools designed for their incredibly active and creative community.

Sophia Dominguez, Head of AR Platform Partnerships, Snap

Sophia is a talented entrepreneurs and founder herself. She joined Snap following the acquisition of her latest venture svrf. Highly recommended follow!

Gustav Söderström, CPO/CTO, Spotify

Gustav is the Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Spotify. He focuses a lot on research and development and exploring new opportunities for the future of audio-creators.

Michael Mignano, Co-founder, Anchor

Michael is a technology executive and serial entrepreneur. Today, he's the Co-founder of Anchor, a free and easy-to-use podcasting platform that was acquired by Spotify in 2019.

Phil Rampulla, Head of Brand, Epic Games

Epic Games is a fascinating company. It is most notably known for online games like Fortnite and its incredible graphics platform: Unreal Engine, which is used in several industries, including by digital creators.

Jake Shapiro, Head of Creator Partnerships, Apple Podcasts

Apple boosted the profile of podcasts which the introduction of the iPod and the iTunes podcast feature. The medium has steadily grown in popularity since Apple Podcasts first launched in 2005. Now, under Jake's leadership and with a recent surge in the audio space, Apple is finding new ways to support audio creators through more than just distribution.

Andy McCune, CEO, Unfold

Andy is a talented entrepreneur and online creator. He's developed several successful projects and brands, most notably an app called Unfold which was acquired by Squarespace and now support many more features, including some in the "Link In Bio" space.

Wrap up

Stay tuned for the next instalment in of this series where we explore the creative and strategic agencies that are connecting the dots between creators and brands-those that push the frontiers of the professionalization of this industry and promote these individuals and their work.

Again, we want to update these lists as the landscape and industry evolves, so please recommend any additions via our socials!

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